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Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you are looking for a wisdom tooth removal Shrimal Dental Centre is your destination. Shrimal Dental Centre is one of the best dental clinics in Jhotwara,jaipur with the best dental surgeons on board and the latest advanced equipment. Our surgeons are well trained and are successfully practising dentistry over years.

What is a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is the last tooth that erupts in our oral cavity at the age of around 18-25 years. They are four in number, one in each arch.

Why is it important to get your wisdom tooth removed?

Wisdom tooth eruption is sometimes a painful event. Being the last tooth of the arch, sometimes it doesn’t have enough space for its eruption. In those cases, the eruption push tends to cause pain in that region. We call it an impacted tooth. Sometimes it also affects the adjacent tooth by pushing them and creating pockets in between which in turn causes infection and decay of the tooth. In those cases, it is very important to get rid of the wisdom tooth otherwise it will damage the adjacent tooth as well. At times, even some Orthodontic Treatment/Teeth Straightenings require wisdom tooth removal.

What is the procedure of a wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is a minor surgical procedure and is mostly performed under Local Anesthesia. Sometimes, the dental surgeon prefers a general anesthesia also, if needed.

Step 1: At first a detailed clinical examination is done and then X-rays are taken to ensure if an extraction is necessary.
Step 2: The proper anaesthetic agent is given so that the area becomes numb so as to have a painless procedure.
Step 3: The tooth is then skilfully removed by the dental surgeon. Sometimes, a difficult tooth needs a small surgical procedure for removal.
Step 4: Post-operative instructions and medication are given to the patient.

A pure sterilized environment is the key to avoid any post-operative complications. Shrimal Dental Centre is one of the best dental clinics in Jhotwara,Jaipur that maintains a proper sterilized environment and international standard equipment to make their patient’s experience better.