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Kids Dental Treatment

Every parent knows how difficult it is to convince your kid to visit a dental surgeon. To overcome this difficulty, we have designed our clinic in such a way that your kid feels comfortable here. If you are looking for a dental clinic where you can visit for kid dentistry in Jhotwara, Jaipur then Shrimal Dental Centre is your destination.

What kid dental treatments are available at Our clinic?

Kids generally present with dental problems like decayed teeth, broken teeth due to any injury, or misaligned teeth. Any such problem, we are there to treat your kid. We treat any dental condition related to kids in our clinic.

We have noted over the years that if a kid visits our clinic once, he/she wants to visit it again. In general kids are reluctant to go to a dentist. But our staff at Shrimal Dental Centre are very friendly with kids which makes them feel safe and comfortable here. Once they are acquainted with us, they want themselves to be treated by us. Our behaviour with the kids has earned us a good reputation in the dental fraternity over the years.

Why do children have more dental problems than adults?

The main reason behind kids having more dental problems than grown-ups is their food habit and improper brushing. Children are very reluctant to brush at night. If proper brushing is not done, the food particles tend to stick to the tooth surface. These are acted upon by the existing bacteria that forms cavities. These cavities pain. Children, in general eat chocolates and chips which provide a very favourable environment for the bacteria to act on. So, the children tend to have more dental problems as compared to adults.

What is the treatment cost in general for kid dental problems?

The treatment cost actually depends on the procedure performed. But, overall our charges are much more affordable as compared to any clinic with the same infrastructure and equipment. We do not compromise on our treatment quality. Our patients are important to us. We never compromise with the treatment quality. You can be assured of the best quality treatment at our clinic at an affordable price.
So, if your kid is having any dental problem, without any second thought bring him/her to Shrimal Dental Centre, Jhotwara, Jaipur. We assure you the best treatment for your kid at an affordable rate and comfortable environment in our clinic.