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The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of replacing a missing tooth is getting a denture done. If you want to get dentures in Jaipur, Shrimal Dental Centre is your destination. We are one of the best dental clinics in Jhotwara,Jaipur to provide the best quality dentures to our patients.

What is a denture?

A denture is the most primitive method of replacement for missing teeth. It is made of an acrylic plate on which artificial teeth is embedded.

How many types of dentures are there?

There are basically 2 types of dentures: complete and partial. A complete denture is for patients who do not have any teeth in his mouth, we call them edentulous. Partial dentures are for patients with one or a few missing teeth. We call such patients dentulous patients.

Is denture always made of a hard material?

Earlier denture was made of only hard acrylic material. With the advancements of dentistry, now a variety of other materials are available for fabricating a denture. Some are even elastic. Depending upon the need of the patient and the dental surgeon’s opinion, we provide the denture that is best suitable for you.